Silverclay jewellery workshops
Oyster shell pendant revealing pearl Earrings: crescent moon with small seated figure Silver tree silhouette against colourful glass sunset background Pendant: circular amber sun in inverted semi-circular silver setting with radiating striations Earrings: inverted stippled silver semicircles with two tiny dangling amber orbs
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Welcome to my website, where you will find information about all my courses.  I work mainly in silver clay but I also run workshops in dichroic glass and other media besides.  See below for details of all the workshops and other activities and to view the gallery.  For a closer view of an individual item, just tap or click.

TUTOR - Hilary

I am a fully qualified senior instructor in Art Clay Silver and offer a variety of workshops and certificated courses.  I have been making and selling jewellery in mixed media for over 20 years.  I am a member of the Association of Contemporary Jewellery and also a fully-qualified teacher.  I have been running silver clay courses since January 2006 so I have plenty of experience teaching learners of all abilities.

  Tutorial: how to make a pure silver leaf pendant necklace

You can watch me on YouTube giving a brief tutorial on how to make a pure silver leaf pendant necklace at Salisbury Arts Centre.


Silverclay is a wonderfully versatile substance which is relatively new to the field of jewellery-making.  It is simple to use and because of that it enables people to make beautiful jewellery without many years of training as silversmiths!

It consists of minute particles of pure silver mixed with a non-toxic organic binder, which binds the silver particles together to form a clay-like substance.  In the clay form it can be manipulated just like clay – it can be rolled, flattened, cut with a blade, pressed into moulds, impressed with shapes and textures – in fact anything you can do with ordinary ceramic clay.  You can also set stones into it.

After it has been left to dry it is fired (either in a kiln or with a simple gas torch) and it is this firing process which turns it into pure silver.  The intense heat evaporates the water content and burns away the gum so you are left with 99.9% pure silver (which may be hall-marked if you wish).  In its fired state, because it is now pure silver, it can be fashioned in the same way as any other precious metal – it can be filed, sanded, textured, burnished, polished, etc.

The material I use is Art Clay (or Art Clay Silver) and it also comes in alternative forms – as a paste, in a paper form, and in a syringe form, in which the soft silverclay is pushed through a fine nozzle.  So you can have endless fun and produce exquisite jewellery at the end.

You can make any form of jewellery you wish – pendants, earrings, brooches, rings, tie-pins, cuff-links, bracelet charms – the list is endless.  Of course you don’t have to be limited to jewellery – you can also make small ornaments and trinkets if you prefer.  The only limit is your own imagination!

Pendant: child's dress Three small gold inverted triangle pendants with central gold sun with radiating rays Silver inverted semi-circular pendant with geometrical decorations, inset dichroic glass stone with sunray surround to top Mistletoe necklace with sprigs of mistletoe and small white beads for berries
  Students at a workshop

The material used in these workshops is Art Clay Silver and the Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses are certificated by Art Clay World.

Selection of silver pendants Students at a workshop
For all the workshops, all the tools and equipment you need to use will be provided for you so you don’t need to bring anything.  The cost of all materials is included in the course fees, including all the findings.  There are no extra costs.  Although the workshops are intensive, learning takes place in a relaxed and friendly environment where learners can progress at their own speed.
For up-to-date information about workshop dates please either email me at or telephone 01725 512230, mobile 07501 066643.
One-day silver clay introductory workshop 9.45am – 5.30pm £105.00
This is suitable for complete beginners.  In addition to learning basic techniques you will also be introduced to the processes of engraving and oxidising.  You will make two or three pieces to take home with you.  At the end of the day you will have learned sufficient skills and knowledge to start making your own silver jewellery at home if you wish.
Three pendants with criss-cross markings Leaf pendant with matching earrings Pendant with house design Shell/bell pendant with matching earrings
One-day silver clay 'improvers' workshop 9.45am - 5.30pm £105.00
This is for those people who have had some previous experience with silver clay and wish to refine and extend their knowledge and skills.  The day may include some of the following, according to students' choice: hollow-form syringe-work, setting stones in bezels, mould-making, reproducing a leaf using clay paste, oxidising and engraving.
Three-dimensional heart pendant Limpet shell pendant  Rippled pendant with tiny circular eruption Triangular ribbed earrings with tiny gold circular eruption Rough nugget pendant with inset small glass circle
Three-day Level 1 certificated workshop 9.45am – 5.30pm £450.00
This is a Level 1 Certification course during which you will make three rings, a brooch and two pendants to take home.  This course introduces you to specific advanced techniques involving silverclay and assesses your skills in carrying them out.  This course is not suitable for beginners.
Four-day Level 2 certificated workshop 9.45am – 5.30pm £520.00
This is a Level 2 Certification course which is open only to those people with the Level 1 Instructors certificate.  During this course you will make one ring, two pendants and two brooches.  You will use goldclay and gold leaf and will be introduced to further specific advanced techniques, during which your skills will be assessed.
One-day gold on silver workshop 9.45am - 5.30pm £135.00
During this workshop you will be introduced to two different methods of applying 22-carat or 24-carat gold to silver clay.  You will make two pieces of jewellery, each highlighted with gold, and will use both methods of application.
Necklace with three circular pendants with a horizontal wave striation and matching earings Daisy-chrysanthemum style brooch; matching earrings Rectangular (portrait) pendant, gold sun in top right corner with radiating beams Circular white flower pendant with gold centre; matching earrings
Five small white flowers with gold centres on chain necklace Pendant: silver rectangle framing silhouette of tree with gold branches Pendant: rectangle with gold sun shining onto waves; matching earrings Wide ring with interleaving waves of gold and silver
Introduction to silver-smithing 9.45am – 5.30pm £105.00
The aim of this workshop is to introduce students to the basic principles and practice of using sterling silver sheet and wire to make simple pieces of jewellery.  Examples you would be able to make would be a ring, a bangle, a pendant or a pair of earrings.  We will cover basic techniques such as cutting, sawing and beating silver sheet, soldering, using a shapes cutter, using a doming block, filing, polishing and possibly stone-setting.
Wide ring of beaten silver Silver wire bracelets and ring Wide silver ring with vertical markings Silver wire bracelet with turquoise glass attachment; matching ring


This is glass which has been coated with metallic oxides so that it reflects and refracts light of different colours.  This gives it an iridescent quality - a bit like peacock feathers - so it makes beautiful jewellery.

 Dichroic glass necklace adornment: a mosaic of tiny pieces of different patterns and shades of green Dichroic glass necklace adornment: a mosaic of tiny pieces of different patterns and shades of mauve Dichroic glass necklace adornment: a mosaic of tiny pieces of different patterns and shades of red and gold
Dichroic glass workshop 9.45am - 5.30pm £95.00
During this workshop you will learn the basic principles of cutting and fusing glass.  You will make several pieces of stunning dichroic glass jewellery to take home with you.
Square dichroic glass pendant in shades of mauve Pendant: offset interleaved bricks of dichroic glass in shades of turquoise Abstract rectangular pendant of dichroic glass in shades of bitter orange Abstract pendant of dichroic glass shapes in patterns and shades of blue
One-day silver and dichroic  glass workshop 9.45am - 5.30pm £105.00 
During this workshop you will learn how to combine silver clay with dichroic glass to make beautiful pendants or other pieces of jewellery.  This workshop is intended for those people who have had some previous experience of using silver clay.
Silver flower pendant with turquoise dichroic glass centre; matching earrings Amber dichroic glass teardrop pendant with silver leaf setting Silver leaf brooch with small turquoise dichroic glass orb inset Teardrop silver pendant with clear circular dichroic glass inset Silver ring with circular blue dichroic glass inset
Lamp-working for beginners whole day workshop
half day workshop
Necklace of lampwork beads on silver settings Lampwork necklace adorned with lampwork shells with pearl bead centres  
Learn how to make your own glass beads using a torch.  This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and basic techniques will be covered.
Tiara workshop £85.00
Learn how to make beautiful tiaras.  You will be introduced to the basic principles and techniques of tiara-making and go home with a unique tiara designed by you!  All materials supplied.
Tiara Tiara Tiara Tiara
Tiara Tiara Tiara Tiara
Stained Glass Workshops 9.45am-5.30pm £105
Learn how to make pretty stained glass window-hangers using coloured glass, copper foil and solder.  Other items can also be made, such as boxes, vases and night-light holders.  Eventually you could progress to lamp-shades.
Stained glass window hanger: fuschia with upturned petals Stained glass window hanger:dragonfly Stained glass window hanger: star mosaic Stained glass window hanger: heart Stained glass window hanger: fuschia with dangling stamens


Immortalise your child's drawings or paintings in silver, to wear as pendants or charms.  Send me the image and I will copy it on to silver for you.

Child's drawing - cat Child's drawing - fireman
Child's drawing - dog Charms Child's drawing - girl
Fingerprint jewellery: small heart-shaped charm with initial H  


Preserve your children's or grand-children's fingerprints in silver jewellery.  These charms can be attached to a bracelet or worn as pendants, earrings or cufflinks.  Prices vary according to size and design - please phone for details.


Commission a personalised bracelet for someone you love, each section depicting a significant or memorable image.  Number of sections to suit.

Bespoke bracelet


 A pleasant and friendly environment in beautiful Hampshire countryside


The workshops take place in Breamore village, which is situated in delightful countryside on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.  So you would be learning in a pleasant and friendly environment in beautiful Hampshire countryside.  The workshops operate with only a very small number of students (maximum eight) so you would receive plenty of individual tutor support.

A pleasant and friendly environment in beautiful Hampshire countryside  


There is an excellent pub in the village which serves food and is a two-minute walk from the house.


Click on the map (left) to enlarge or enter Breamore into Google maps.

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If you require overnight accommodation, for a list of B&Bs.



I willingly take commissions, so if you like any of the pieces you see here, contact me and I can make a piece exactly to your specifications.


These make an ideal and unusual present – why not give your friend or loved one a present of a voucher – these can contribute towards the costs of courses or can be used for materials.


If you would like to have a jewellery party you have the opportunity to host a fun evening for you and your friends.  Quality jewellery for sale at bargain prices.  At the end of the evening the hostess receives 10% of the evening's takings to spend on any items of jewellery of her choice.  Contact me for further details.


For a special family day - be creative!  Make silver jewellery (children over 12 only).


Charm bracelet Charm bracelet: detail

Bring a group of friends along to a one-day workshop.  You will each make a small charm for yourself plus a charm for the bride.  At the end of the workshop, all the charms for the bride can be put on a bracelet for her to wear on her wedding day and keep for ever.


Workshops and demonstrations can be held for groups and organisations, and tailored to their needs.


Classes and demonstrations can be delivered in schools, colleges, museums, libraries, community centres etc.


Weekly evening courses are run, two hours per evening.


Thinking of setting up in business running your own classes?  For those people who have already completed the Level 1 and/or Level 2 Diploma courses and are thinking of setting up their own classes, this workshop will definitely be helpful.  There is a lot to think about when planning how to run your own workshops, and it is essential to be well-prepared, so this day is designed to help you plan and manage your business successfully.

Topics covered will include (among others): marketing, equipment, space management, time management, ordering stock, costing, financial management, health & safety, essential teaching skills, communication, catering for individual needs and dealing with 'challenging' clients.



For a closer view of an individual item, just tap or click.

Pendant: oyster shell with pearl; matching earrings Pendant: beaten silver base with gold and silver studs; inset fragment of willow pattern china Sea urchin pendant; matching earrings Ring: single rose with gold centre
Silver fuschia earrings Earrings: primitive face design Pendant with dragonfly design
Mussel shell necklace
Necklace: oak twig with gold-lined acorn cups and acorn pendant Wide ring with gold-centred cups Beaten silver earrings with pale glass centres and tiny pendant fragments Pendant: silver scarab beetle with small circular turquoise stone
Necklace with sprig of mistletoe; matching earrings Brooch: silver rectangular frame, crab holding pearl, gold starfish above Silver acorn-design bowl; small silver spoon with leaf scoop and snail grip handle Pendant: oak leaf with acorn cups and gold acorn
Pendant: oak twig with gold acorn Necklace: apple leaves, oak twig with oak leaves in autumn colours, acorns, red rosehips and blackberries
Pendant: oak leaf with acorn Pendant: combination of dichroic glass shapes in silver settings Pendant: silver ivy leaf with tendrils and berry Acorn earrings
Necklace: random collection of beads, bone, silver and polished stone objects Brooch: nautilus with waving tentacles Wide ring with gold flower Pendant: scarab beetle holding red stone in circle on semicircular background with geometric patterns; red beads
Two necklaces: tiny fragments of attractive china fragments in silver settings Necklace: silver and gold starfish Necklace: leaf and cape-shaped flowers with single central stamen Necklace: brown beads with curling leaves
Necklace: silver dragonflies Bead necklace with pendant: two scarab beetles holding colourful china fragment in silver setting
Necklace: blue beads, circular silver setting with geometrical patterns, glue glass circle at centre Pebble-bead bracelet with silver sea-theme charms: shells, seahorse, starfish Two silver pendants: sun shining over tall middle-eastern buildings Necklace: ivy leaves
Silver ring Necklace: offset ginko leaves, beads Brooch: two silver herons Necklace: silver oak twigs and oak leaves Pendant: silver scallop shell with glass bead
Three pendants: two shell-themed and one with dichroic glass on a silver setting; ring with wave pattern and tiny stones inset Pendant: oval dichroic glass in silver setting above, silver inverted triangle below with central gold sun and lines radiating outwards Ring: oval red polished stone in silver setting; ring with ivy leaves around Pendant: ginko leaves
Pendant: peas in a pod Pendant: alchemilla leaf with single droplet; matching earrings Necklace with honesty seed-pods Necklace with thin silver seed-pods
Silver bean-shaped pendant with small round red glass bead inset Earrings: shaped from tangled fine silver wire into a slim tapered form Pendant: ammonite fragment  >Pendant: slim silver rectangle with three-coloured ripple effect Pendant: inverted semicircle with radiating striations; turquoise glass shape set in centre

Most items of jewellery which you can see on this website are for sale.  Please ring or email for prices.